My Nature Club

I have a nature club. It contains Anna, Alyssa, Madeline, Tia, and, of course, me. We have had a lot of fun together. We go on walks, make crafts, eat snacks, and add to our secret hideout. You should consider having a club. You won’t regret it!

Tips for having a club:

  1. So you won’t have to do lots of work between meetings, give everyone a job for the next one. For example, if you have a chalkboard or dry erase board, you could write something like this every week.
    Anna-vice president
  2. Don’t have meetings too close together, because either people will think it’s too much work to come to your club or they will have some other thing to do at that time.
  3. Don’t have too many people  in your club, or it will be difficult to control.
  4. In the time between your meetings, plan ahead. Or else what would you do at your club??



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