Skit About Obeying Your Parents

Narrator: It was the end of the school year. Hannah pulled Lily to the side of the schoolyard. There were a couple of other kids with Hannah.

Hannah: Listen. Tonight, after your parents are asleep, sneak to

my house to play some video games with us.

Lily: I can’t! I have to go to bed!

Hannah’s Team: Scaredy cat! Scaredy cat!

Lily: Hmmph. Goodbye.

Narrator: Lily’s little sister, Ruby, was not interested.

Ruby: Can we go home now?

Lily: YES.

(Scenes change to Lily and Ruby’s room)

Parents: Goodnight!

Narrator: Ruby couldn’t hold it in any more.

Ruby: Lily’s friends are-

(Lily punches Ruby)

Ruby: -playing video games-

(Lily kicks Ruby)

Ruby: -in the middle of the night!

(Lily growls)

(Parents laugh)

(Scenes change to Hannah’s house)

Narrator: Hannah and her friends had gotten sick playing video games all night.

Hannah: YAWN zzzzz BONK

Hannah’s Team: OOOH-BLEHHH

(Parents come in)

Parents: AAAAHHHH!

Hannah: Umm, hi…

Hannah’s Team: Uhhhhh…

Parents: No more video games for a year.

Hannah: But…

Hannah’s Team: But…

(Scenes change to schoolyard)

Narrator: Hannah’s friend Chrissy didn’t know about Hannah’s discipline.

Chrissy: Do you want to watch that movie we’re not supposed to watch?

Hannah: NO!!!!!!!!!!!

(Hannah runs away, shaking her head)


(Everyone takes a bow)



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