Water Crisis Skit

Narrator: A lot of people in the world don’t have clean water to drink. I’m going on a tour to see what it’s like.

Mother: My children and I have to walk long hours to get water. And the water isn’t even clean!

Kate: (pointing to Tom) Tom got sick just from eating that yucky water!

(Tom moans)

Jamie: We don’t get to go to school and learn. And we never get to play!

Narrator: While the mother and her children are going to get water, we will hear how life goes from the father.

Father: I work in the yard and harvest food for my family. It is very hard work without water to feul me.

Narrator: Hmm. It seems that the mother and children are not home yet.

.                     .                      .                       .

Narrator: (annoyed) It’s been 2 hours now. Shouldn’t they be home yet?

Father: No! It’s not near the time they get home! They are usually home in around 6 hours.

Narrator: Oh .  .  . then I’d better go.

Father: Okay. . . but I kinda wanted you to stay. It gets a little lonely.

Narrator: Well, sorry, but I really gotta get home to my family.

Father: Okay, bye!

(Mother and children come back and get seated for supper)

Father: Hello! I’ve brought us our cold vegetables and uncooked rice!

(There is silence while they are eating)

Mother: Oh, dear. I do wish Narrator were here to tell the audience a little more.

Father: It’s okay. Anyways, it’s time to pray, cause clean water would change everything!


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