Water Crisis

The water crisis is where people don’t have clean water, so they have to travel about 3 miles to the nearest river to get water that isn’t clean. My church is raising money to build a well in Cameroon. It costs about $2,000 dollars to build 1 well. So far we have about $1,000 dollars in the well fund. If you want to make a difference and raise money for a well, here is some ideas. (Also: once we reach our goal, we’re giving the money to Covenant World Relief to build a well.)

  1. Go around the neighborhood and ask for empty cans (tell them it’s for the water crisis or else they’ll think you’re greedy for money) to turn in to Hy-Vee for money
  2. Do a bake sale at your church or in your front yard
  3. Walk around and ask for donations at your church

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Cool Facts

  1. Dr. Seuss invented the word nerd.
  2. Cows can’t go down stairs.
  3. Spider silk is stronger than steel.
  4. You are more likely to be hit on the head by a coconut than be attacked by a shark.
  5. Snails can sleep for three years.
  6. Walt Disney was afraid of mice.
  7. There are vending machines for underwear in Japan.
  8. Thomas Edison was afraid of the dark.
  9. There are more chickens than humans in the world, even though
  10. there is a baby born every five seconds.


It’s so hard to figure out what to wear on Halloween. Should I be a minion, a marshmallow, an astronaut, a lizard, a fairy, or a troll? How much money is this one? Could I make this? Good thing it’s nowhere near Halloween!

What’s that you say?                 It’s October 30th?????


Christmas Skit

Narrator: Jesus’ parents, Mary and Joseph, had promised each other that they would get married. But before they started to live together, it became obvious that Mary was pregnant. Not regular pregnant- she became pregnant in the power of Jesus. However,  Joseph was thinking  about divorcing her quietly because he didn’t want to put her to shame in public. But, as Joseph was thinking about this, an angel appeared in his dream!

Angel: Pssst, Joseph!

Joseph: Huh?

Angel: Don’t divorce Mary! Also name the baby Jesus!

Narrator: Joseph did what the angel told him. He didn’t divorce Mary. Soon, Joseph and Mary were on their way to Bethlehem, where they would have their baby. Finally, they made it to an inn in Bethlehem where they thought that they could stay to have their baby.

(Joseph knocks on inn door)

Innkeeper: Sorry! All out. Hmmm… actually, we got a stable out back you could use. Helpful?

Joseph: Yes! Thank you so much!

Innkeeper: Glad to hear it!

Narrator: And there, in a stable, lying in a manger, hay for a mattress, wrapped in swaddling clothes, Jesus, our savior, was born. Meanwhile, shepherds were looking after their sheep on the night that Jesus was born. Suddenly, an angel appeared and they were terrified. The angel told them not to be afraid.

Angel: I am here to bring you great news!

Narrator: The angel told them that today, in the town of David, a Savior has been born! He is Christ the Lord. You will find a baby wearing strips of cloths and lying in a manger. Suddenly, lots of angels sang “May glory be given to God in the highest heaven, and may peace be given to those he is pleased with on earth.” And then as quickly as they came, they left.

Shepherds: Let’s go to Bethlehem! Let’s see the new baby!

Narrator: So the shepherds went to see Jesus. Then, after they had left Jesus, they told everyone the great news.   But Jesus wasn’t safe! In Jerusalem, wise men had seen a big, bright star and knew it meant that The Savior had been born! But here’s the mistake they made- they asked King Herod, who did NOT want another person- let alone a BABY- to take the throne from him. So he asked his servants where the baby had been born and told the wise men to look for the baby and tell him where he was so that he, too, could worship him. So the wise men followed the star until it stopped, and then walked into the house where The Savior was born. They worshipped him.

(Wise men bow down)

Wise Men: We have come to give the baby gifts.                   

Narrator: God told the wise men not to tell King Herod where Jesus was. They obeyed, and went home a different way. In Joseph’s dream that night, an angel told him to take him and his family to Egypt to escape from King Herod, who wants to kill Jesus.

Angel: Wakie, wakie!

(Joseph, Mary, and Jesus set off)

THE END (everyone takes a bow)

Skit About Obeying Your Parents

Narrator: It was the end of the school year. Hannah pulled Lily to the side of the schoolyard. There were a couple of other kids with Hannah.

Hannah: Listen. Tonight, after your parents are asleep, sneak to

my house to play some video games with us.

Lily: I can’t! I have to go to bed!

Hannah’s Team: Scaredy cat! Scaredy cat!

Lily: Hmmph. Goodbye.

Narrator: Lily’s little sister, Ruby, was not interested.

Ruby: Can we go home now?

Lily: YES.

(Scenes change to Lily and Ruby’s room)

Parents: Goodnight!

Narrator: Ruby couldn’t hold it in any more.

Ruby: Lily’s friends are-

(Lily punches Ruby)

Ruby: -playing video games-

(Lily kicks Ruby)

Ruby: -in the middle of the night!

(Lily growls)

(Parents laugh)

(Scenes change to Hannah’s house)

Narrator: Hannah and her friends had gotten sick playing video games all night.

Hannah: YAWN zzzzz BONK

Hannah’s Team: OOOH-BLEHHH

(Parents come in)

Parents: AAAAHHHH!

Hannah: Umm, hi…

Hannah’s Team: Uhhhhh…

Parents: No more video games for a year.

Hannah: But…

Hannah’s Team: But…

(Scenes change to schoolyard)

Narrator: Hannah’s friend Chrissy didn’t know about Hannah’s discipline.

Chrissy: Do you want to watch that movie we’re not supposed to watch?

Hannah: NO!!!!!!!!!!!

(Hannah runs away, shaking her head)


(Everyone takes a bow)