Updated Bones Poem

I love my Bones.

Do you know why?

They lift me up, cept’ I can’t fly.

You know how I’m really blessed?

Without Bones I’d be a floppy MESS!

Did you know that Bones are Teeth?

Then how would I eat my Heath?

But then it leaves the Exeptatation-

I couldn’t eat my Vegetation!




Hi. I am a story. I know I am supposed to be interesting, but I don’t know how. Please forgive me for not entertaining you. I want to be like all the other stories and make people laugh! Will you help me?

Put your answer on a comment and help me write a story!

The Story

Once there was a dog. He was very poor. He lived in a dump. One day, a nice little girl came along and took him home. She cared for him and loved him with her whole heart. But then, while the girl was at school, a robber came and stole the dog! When the girl came home, there was a note on her door that said IF YOU WANT YOUR DOG BACK, PUT 100 DOLLARS IN AN ENVELOPE AND TAPE IT ON THE DOOR BY TOMORROW. When she saw this, she cried and cried and cried. She went to her piano and played the saddest song she knew-Happy Birthday. After she played it, something amazing happened! The piano opened up and out came   .   .   .     Her dog! To celebrate, they had a     .      .      .

Birthday Party!

The End.



Water Crisis

The water crisis is where people don’t have clean water, so they have to travel about 3 miles to the nearest river to get water that isn’t clean. My church is raising money to build a well in Cameroon. It costs about $2,000 dollars to build 1 well. So far we have about $1,000 dollars in the well fund. If you want to make a difference and raise money for a well, here is some ideas. (Also: once we reach our goal, we’re giving the money to Covenant World Relief to build a well.)

  1. Go around the neighborhood and ask for empty cans (tell them it’s for the water crisis or else they’ll think you’re greedy for money) to turn in to Hy-Vee for money
  2. Do a bake sale at your church or in your front yard
  3. Walk around and ask for donations at your church

Check out this video!



Cool Facts

  1. Dr. Seuss invented the word nerd.
  2. Cows can’t go down stairs.
  3. Spider silk is stronger than steel.
  4. You are more likely to be hit on the head by a coconut than be attacked by a shark.
  5. Snails can sleep for three years.
  6. Walt Disney was afraid of mice.
  7. There are vending machines for underwear in Japan.
  8. Thomas Edison was afraid of the dark.
  9. There are more chickens than humans in the world, even though
  10. there is a baby born every five seconds.

More Funny Words

Here is another list of funny words.

  1. Marshmallow
  2. Bamboozle
  3. Kerfuffle
  4. Curlicue
  5. Bumpkin
  6. Flabbergast
  7. Squeegee
  8. Hullabaloo
  9. Giblets
  10. Kangaroo

Song (to the Tune of the Alphabet)

Here is an alphabet Gummi Bear song.

A  B  C  D  E  F  G, Gummi Bears are after me. One is red, one is blue, one is chewing on my shoe, now I’m running for my life, ’cause the red one has a knife.



Funny Words

Here is a list of funny words.

  1. Pumpernickel
  2. Nerd
  3. Banana
  4. Minion
  5. Chocaloca
  6. Mustard
  7. Alphabet
  8. Slime
  9. Brambles
  10. Frolic

YES!!! . . . Oh.

Hi! I’m in a horse race! Oooh! I’m coming up in third! Whoa! Did you see that wheelie?! OH, LOOK! I’m in first!!!!! YES!!! There’s the finish line and .  .  .

POOF!     I wake up and *sigh* it was just a dream. Oh, well.


NO!!! HE DIED!!!

Teenager: Wah! Wah! He died! Set up a funeral! I’m so sad!

Mom: Who died?!?!

Teenager: Wah! Wah! My-my compuuuuter!!!

Mom: Uh .  .  .